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Matt Gardner is a voice actor and audiobook narrator from the UK. Boasting a range that encompasses a wide spectrum of genres, Matt’s versatility, rich voice, and strong characterisation allow him to pull listeners into immersive narrative experiences as well as deliver authoritative, informative voiceovers. You can enjoy some samples of his narration work above and check out his ACX narrator profile here.


Hearing your story and characters come to life is a surreal experience, and there is not a soul in the world I would trust more to do this than Matt Gardner. Matt took my novel and, using his own creativity and expertise, brought the Highwings world to life in the most breathtaking way. It is beautiful, intense, and masterful all at once. Nothing short of real-life magic. I have only the highest of praises for Matt, who worked with me every step of the journey. If you need an audiobook narrator, you are in the right place.

Keylin Rivers, award-winning author of All The King’s Traitors


So you’re thinking of hiring me to narrate your audiobook? That’s great news! Here’s a little look at what my narrator process is, and what happens next…

The very first thing I always like to do is send a little welcome package document across. This serves to introduce me a little more and outline the process in further detail, to hopefully put you at ease that your book is in safe hands, and give you an idea of what comes next. I’ll also request the final manuscript in PDF (preferred) or Word format so I can give it a read through.

After that, I usually like to set up a short call to broadly discuss the audiobook and how you’d like it to sound. This is a great opportunity to talk through specific directions and stylistics, as well as accents, if any are required. I’ll also ask for further detail around the characters, and any contextual plotting that goes beyond what’s on the page. This can be especially useful if the audiobook is part of a larger series.

The next step will be to prepare a 15-minute mixed and mastered audio sample for your approval. This is the opportunity for you to review and verify the choices I intend to make for my narration, and as such, it’s important to select the parts of the book that will give you the best insight. This is probably the most crucial stage from a creative standpoint, as it allows us to really work together to set the direction for what is to come.

Once I have your approval, we’ll move into full production, and I’ll take creative control of the whole project from that point. I’ll give you a production schedule, and a deadline for delivery. For Per Finished Hour (PFH) projects, please note that 25% of the estimated fee will be payable upon approval of the 15-minute sample.

Please do note that although Iā€™m open to important changes that you may wish to make within reason (and I’ll deliver production updates throughout the process) as the narrator I reserve the right to any final decision regarding stylistic changes beyond this point.

Once recording is complete, I will have the files proofed for errors before final mastering. After that, you’ll have yourself an audiobook! I’ll send the finished files across for final approval, and issue an invoice.

Sheer perfection! […] Working with Matt is exceptionally easy, and that is because of the process Matt uses. He remains transparent throughout the entire process, which is reassuring and will put anyone at ease. The personal touch of a quick phone call to discuss the book, and the welcome pack he sends out to get to know the author and the book is more helpful than I ever expected it to be. He is extremely professional, but is also a nice guy and I hope to work with him again on future projects.

M B Feeney, author of Where There’s A Will


Whilst initiatives and platforms like ACX have allowed indie authors and narrators to bring works to life swiftly and efficiently, and the routes to market are greater in number than they have ever been previously, that makes marketing your audiobook incredibly important too. As someone with over a decade’s experience in digital marketing, social media and influencer management, I’m happy to chat through marketing strategies for your audiobook and be an active part of the process.

Whether that’s through interviews and Q&As, live readings , teaser videos, additional samples, paid social, whatever it might be, I’m more than happy to help get your audiobook out there!


To make an enquiry, book Matt for a project, or request a quote or custom demo, please email or head over to the Contact page. If you’d like to consider Matt for other voiceover work, you can check out the other voiceover services he offers here.