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Henry: A Society Series Companion Story is now available on Audible

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I’m delighted to say that Henry: A Society Series Companion Story – an action-packed, gripping short fantasy tale of vampires and werewolves and boundless love – is now live on Audible!

You can buy Henry right here for just £3.69.

Written by Mason Sabre, Henry forms part of the wider Society series of books, but is a standalone story that can be enjoyed without having read any of the previous entries. Here’s a little blurb to give you a taste for what’s in store…

Deeply in love with his wife, Henry Thompson couldn’t be happier. They have everything they need.  Life, as they say, is perfect. Except, darkness lurks in the shadows of Northern England, and Henry’s life and heart are torn apart one evening. Heartbroken and driven by rage, Henry turns himself, becoming a vampire and seeking out vengeance on those who have harmed him. But not even death can break the love he has with his wife…his soul mate…his everything. He will do anything for her, no matter the cost.
True love is eternal.

Mason Sabre, Henry

Sounds good, right? It’s a cracking read, and hopefully an enjoyable listen too. This one was a lot of fun to do. It has everything: sex, violence, paranormal forces, fantastical creatures, rich emotion, there was a lot to sink my teeth into! I found myself with a small window, and this project came along at the perfect time. Despite the audiobook only being an hour long, there’s so much packed into that runtime, and it was a pleasure to narrate.

If you’d like to review the audio version of Henry: A Society Series Companion Story at all, please do get in touch and let me know! There are still plenty of codes available at the time of writing.

Henry: A Society Series Companion Story is available now on Audible.

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