Where There’s A Will is now live on Audible

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Where There’s A Will, the second audiobook I recorded this year, is actually the first to go live on Audible! You can pick it up right here! ACX’s quality control process can take anywhere from a few days to a few months, and I know of narrators and authors who have audio projects that were submitted in May that still haven’t been cleared for whatever reason, so this is very good news indeed!

Where There’s A Will, written by M. B. Feeney, is a pretty straightforward romance novel between two main characters – Will and Zoe. The book is split into two halves: the first is recounted by Zoe, and the second by Will. Zoe runs a pub in London, and is surprised one night to find her favourite band drinking there, over the UK to film a new music video before flying back to the US. Zoe, a superfan of the band, ends up getting close to Will, their videographer, and a whirlwind romance ensues. But it’s not long before the band have to head back to the States, and the two of them have to come to terms with their feelings and what they mean.

When I say it’s straightforward, I mean that after doing All the King’s Traitors, with its hefty cast list and epic fantastical scale, this was a little more down to earth, and an invitingly different proposition. As someone in the middle of writing one’s own novel about transatlantic love, it really appealed to me on an emotional level too. It’s a cracking read, with some sharp and honest humour, even if you do sometimes want to shake the central characters at times. But that’s the point: love can be clumsy and silly and complicated.

From a craft standpoint, though it presented new challenges. The switch to first-person meant I really got to inhabit the two main characters, and I worked hard at finding their voices. Mich, the author, gave me a lot of freedom with this one and was happy to basically leave everything in my hands, but she did say that she wanted the narration to sound a little rough around the edges when it came to Zoe’s voice: a little more estuary than RP.

Doing a sustained American accent for Will and his bandmates was pretty challenging too. I tend to default towards the west coast of the US (I’ll be honest, I’m really not great at the really strong New York or Boston accents) and that seemed appropriate here. I’m quite glad Mich agreed!

It’s great to see the audiobook is now live. I don’t think it’s a genre that people would necessarily have associated with me, but I rather like that. The writing style is very free-flowing, and the dialogue crackles with some lovely asides and back-and-forth banter that were a joy to read. I’m hoping to work with Mich again on another of her books, but more on that to come. In any case, I’m delighted that this came out well, and I can’t wait to hear what folks think!

If you’d like to review the audio version of Where There’s A Will at all, please do get in touch and let me know! There are still plenty of codes available.

Where There’s A Will is available now on Audible.

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